Green Real Estate

   Dec 19

Green Real Estate

Green Real EstateMore and more realty companies are slowly adopting the latest trend in the market which is called green real estate. Green real estate has been so in demand that even fully developed properties that are up for sale are pulled out from the market and re-developed into green properties. Real estate sales in general, in the past couple of years, have ballooned due to the high demand for green real estate, specifically green houses. If you want to get into the business of real estate marketing, specifically green real estate, you better read on:

What is Green Real Estate?
Green real estate refers to any real estate property, may it be a commercial building or a residential unit that is environmentally friendly and highly sustainable. The property must be built with environmentally friendly materials, uses renewable energy source and minimizes the production of any waste that could hurt the environment. Green properties are built by realty companies with the health of the environment and their customers in their minds. While green real estate can be expensive upon purchase, it promises to be worth it and sustainable in the long run which could help the owner cut costs on maintenance and energy consumption. It is also a healthy choice for your family and the environment as well. Most green homes for instance are built with solar panel roofing. Solar panels are expensive but you will definitely get the return on your investment tenfold in the years to come. It is no wonder that real estate sales have boomed since the introduction of green properties in the market.

What is Real Estate Marketing?
Real estate marketing refers to the following: (1) targeting the right niche market for your properties and (2) advertising your properties’ advantages and value or making the customer know the benefits he will get from buying your property. Common real estate properties are commercial properties which include offices and buildings; and residential properties like houses, condos and apartments.

There is little difference in marketing green real estate from traditional real estate. With green real estate, you will have a more targeted market and probably a smaller niche. Your buyers will most likely be environmentalists and those who are willing to try something new and promising at the same time.

How to be Successful in Green Real Estate Marketing?
If you are only starting out in the real estate scene, there is a lot to learn but don’t get too overwhelmed. You will have a lot of help from already established real estate company websites, real estate guides, videos and even webinars that you can all access if you have an Internet connection. For beginners, below are some of the basic tips that can help jumpstart your real estate marketing stint.

You Must Have A Website – Real estate companies or even brokerage firms owned by individuals have related real estate websites where they can promote their properties 24/7. You must do the same in order to be successful in real estate. Make your website as professional-looking as possible. A website is a cost-effective way of promoting your business too. It can also serve as a venue where you and your customers can get in touch or communicate. Most business websites have customer service desks that answer queries and concerns from customers.

Do Listing Submissions – You must not also forget to market your properties across many media. For instance, you can’t just put everything in your website, even when your website is very visible. You must also list your properties in various real estate listings or related directories like craigslist and Zillow. There are a lot of free and paid real estate directories where you can list your properties in.

Work On Building Your Portfolio – You must know that in the real estate business, realtors are game changers. A trusted realtor can bring in buyers to the company. It would be a little challenging when you are a newcomer. However, remember that the best realtors in town have also started small just like where you currently are. Make this a big motivation in finding the best deals in real estate for the benefit of buyers. In short, always add value to your service so you won’t need to look for customers again. Your previous customers will send new customers your way.

You must also have good qualifications. Get certified and be a part of trusted real estate organizations. Get connected with the right people.

Create Online Presence – Your website is not enough. You need to let people know that you exist by building online presence and connections. Create a Facebook account or page for your business or for yourself as a realtor. Sign up on Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus and every social media platform that you think will help improve your connections. The result, no matter how small, will eventually give yourself or your business a boost.